About Us

Dr. Bernard Press founded Practice Consultants in 1989 after a long and successful career as a private-practice optometrist in Southern California. His services included practice sales, appraisals, and management consulting for health care providers, primarily ophthalmic practices. Dr. Press’ concept, to provide outstanding, comprehensive assistance to health care professionals, is as relevant today as it was then.

Gary W. Ware Business Consultancy was formed in 1992 to provide management consulting to a variety of small businesses. Shortly thereafter, Gary joined the executive management team at Primary Eyecare Network and gained significant expertise regarding optometric practices; when he returned full-time to consulting, optometry became the primary focus of his firm.

In 2003 Dr. Press and Gary merged their companies into today’s Practice Consultants.

The philosophies of the two founders are in perfect harmony, and we express our commitment to our clients as follows.

  • For brokerage services, Practice Consultants provides services that are fair to both buyer and seller.
  • We respect the confidential nature of the information to which we have access.
  • We strive for a level of client satisfaction that exceeds their expectations.