If a sale or partial sale is contemplated, we will:

  • Analyze the market value
  • Along with you, determine an asking price
  • Market the practice (publicly or confidentially, depending on your wishes)
  • Screen responses
  • Negotiate the transaction with the buyer
  • Manage the development of all necessary documents (sales contract, covenant not to compete, promissory note, security agreement, etc.)
  • Guide the parties through the transaction, including explaining due diligence
  • Coordinate all escrow and legal services for the parties
  • Perhaps most importantly, we take the burden of the sales process off your shoulders so you can concentrate on your practice

All of these services are included in one brokerage fee, which is paid at close of escrow. There are no up-front fees and no hourly billings.

Do you already have a buyer lined-up? This is not uncommon. Most of the same services are still needed to assure a successful and binding transaction; but marketing, screening, and price-negotiation are not required, so we offer a discount in these situations.

Bringing in a partner? This is really a partial sale, and Practice Consultants can provide the same spectrum of services, now and later, when the new partner completes the purchase of the entire practice from you. This is often called a step sale. You pay our fee once, and we handle both “steps” of the sale.

If you are interested in buying a practice, we will:

  • Analyze the value of the target practice(s)
  • Along with you, develop the offer parameters
  • Negotiate the transaction with the seller’s representative
  • Coordinate escrow and legal services as needed
  • In most cases the seller pays our fees, but there are circumstances in which you will incur such costs.

Are you looking for a practice in a specific target area? Our PracticeFinder service can help. We will mail a letter to the practices in your target area, to encourage those owners to consider selling. We will research the area, gather the addresses, author and produce the letter, mail it, and field the responses. We will contact you immediately if any of the respondents appears be a match with your objectives.