Professional Alliance

Professional Alliance consulting involves bringing doctors together, through a variety of arrangements, including:

  • Hiring an associate
  • Merging existing practices
  • Forming a partnership or corporation
  • Developing an overhead sharing relationship

Your needs may be limited to deciding if a specific candidate is the right doctor to join your practice. Or, you may be ready for agreements and contracts, and perhaps setting overall goals.

We can participate in every aspect of forming your alliance. We will assist with negotiations, assuring that necessary topics are addressed. Then, we can draft your mutual working agreement in preparation for review by your legal counsel.

As a “neutral” expert, we are adept at reaching agreements that serve all parties better over the long term than are usually achieved by the parties trying to write an agreement on their own or through attorneys who, by their very nature, place the parties in an adversarial setting.

Are you looking for a checklist of topics to discuss when forming a professional alliance? Or a Sample Employment Agreement for use when hiring an Associate? We are happy to e-mail one of these to you at no charge.