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These doctors have offered to speak with any potential clients about our services.

As a first-time buyer, I had LOTS of questions. It’s apparent that Gary has seen it all; he was able to answer every question quickly, calmly, and completely. Through several small and some bigger complications, Gary kept us on track. Thanks so much again for all your help.

John Bui, OD (Buyer)
Cupertino, California

We couldn't have sold our practice without Gray's knowledge and expertise. We considered Gary the quarterback of our sales team in being able to deal with both sides of the field with both teams. There were a few hiccups along the way that Gary could smooth over to make everything work out. The price we settled on for the final sale was a bit below what we were hoping for, but to be able to sell both our practice and the associated real estate was a great relief that lifted a huge burden off of our shoulders. Thanks again for all your help.

Tom Borsky, OD (Seller)
Grass Valley, California

After practicing for 44 years, I wanted to leave my practice in good hands. My lease, not renewable, was ending at the end of the year. Colleagues warned me that it was not possible to sell my practice in this economic market. However, Gary achieved the impossible. With his experience and knowledgeable marketing strategy, he advertised my practice. In just two months, he was able to find an ambitious and responsible buyer who was willing to relocate the practice.

Selling a practice is very stressful; however, Gary, with his calm, collected demeanor, made the transaction (both buying and selling) virtually stress-free. Remarkably, the whole process, including applying for bank financing, took less than 6 months. Gary "held my hand” and calmed me down. He was my rock to lean on throughout the whole process. He addressed all my questions and concerns by cell, text and email. I could not have gone through this big transition without Gary's support and wealth of resources. Thank you very much, Gary!

Connie Wang, OD (Seller)
Concord, California

Gary is a straight shooter who gives you an unbiased opinion on the transaction. His knowledge of the little things like ambiguous permits and applications that are often difficult to navigate by yourself, set him apart from other brokers I've worked with. He also provides a very easy to follow timeline (step-by-step) after signing of the purchase agreement. Thank you for your work, Gary!

Manmeet “Manny” Chatha, OD (Buyer)
Concord, California

I am a first-time buyer and it was my first experience using Gary. He was a pleasure to work with.

Paymaun Asnaashari, OD (First Time Buyer)
Sacramento, California

This was the second practice that Gary Ware has helped me purchase. He is knowledgeable, honest, and he gets the job done. He has a way of communicating with both buyers and sellers that keeps everyone calm and focused. From experience I know that a practice transaction can be both emotional and challenging. Gary has the skill necessary to navigate the process and I highly recommend him.

Gary Strickland, OD (Second Time Buyer)
Ventura, California

Honestly Gary, I couldn’t have done it without you, and I feel like this will truly change my life. Thank you so much!

Jerry Wintrob, OD (Consulting Client)
Accord, New York

You are a wellspring of information. Very impressed! It has been the best money I have ever spent for advice.

Robert Barr, DVM (Practice of Teresa Liu, OD), Seller
Palo Alto, California

We thank you for all your help! You are awesome and we will continue to refer colleagues to you.

(Name withheld)
Two-time Ophthalmology Buyer

Thank you for all your time and help with my practice sale. It was really great working with you and I will surely recommend you to my colleagues. Your knowledge, experience, and insight are top notch!

Juliet Tsai, OD (Seller)
Near Pasadena, California

Thank you for the hard work and sound advice.

Linn Hong, OD (Seller)
San Jose, California

Ethical, results-oriented and experienced. These are the words I would use to describe Gary's brokerage practice. With my retirement came the close of nearly three generations - over 150 - years of practicing optometry in my family. I interviewed multiple firms to represent my practice's legacy and chose Gary to help guide the transaction, in part, due to his frank advice and “I’ll do what I say I'll do" mentality. I would refer Gary to any person looking for business transaction representation in my field.

O. Joseph Bebber, OD (Seller)
Lakewood, Colorado

What an interesting (to say the least) and difficult process. Our buyer wasn't the easiest. She hired an attorney. She hired a consultant. She didn’t trust Gary. The process became adversarial right away. All the while, Gary remained steady and continued to provide both parties with balanced advice. Over time, the attorney and the consultant fell by the wayside and Gary managed to get the transaction through to completion. We kidded that he was also my shrink, calming me down whenever necessary. I highly recommend Practice Consultants for any seller and for any buyer open to honest advice.

Vy Mai, OD (Seller)
San Leandro, California

Thank you for all your help, expertise, and guiding us through the process. Because of you, [the Buyer] and I managed to do this without attorneys. It has been a remarkable fit.

Robert Anderson, MD Ophthalmology (Seller)
Greenbrae, California

I so appreciate how you masterfully crafted a business contract for the sale of my moderate size general practice in spite of the fact that it was not generating a large fee for you. My situation was not typical, as you know, because I was maintaining my vision therapy and neuro visual rehabilitation practice, and you were able to deliver an equitable and novel way to split up my practice and successfully make both the buyer and myself happy with the arrangement. I would be happy to speak with a potential client of yours about our very positive experiences with you.

Robin Sapossnek, OD, FCOVD, FNORA (Seller)
Jenkintown, Pennsylvania

THANK YOU for all your help... Your timeliness and perseverance to provide the information was INVALUABLE. I am available if you ever need to refer a prospective client and they'd like to talk with someone with a 100% positive experience, and we've worked together several times.

Larry Harrison, OD (Consulting Client; Repeat Client)
San Anselmo, California

It was a long haul of more than two years, but Gary was persistent and hung in there with me. Throughout, Gary somehow remained patient trying to educate skittish potential buyers and dealing with "know it all" bargain hunters. We saw several potential buyers who couldn’t “pull the trigger.” Gary kept telling me that the right buyer would appear and, finally, that happened. Then Gary led us through the intricacies of transferring a business. To sum it all up, professionalism is the word that fits.

Richard Barteldt, OD (Seller)
Springfield, Ohio

Competence, Commitment, Character. I have used Gary three times in the last ten years for two sales, and one practice evaluation after the death of my partner. No matter what the situation or dilemma, Gary has encountered it before and can advise you appropriately. Whether it takes two months or two years to sell a practice, you get his best effort. If you're a buyer, Gary knows favorable lenders to deal with, which can save you time, money and anxiety. His knowledge of contracts and leases can eliminate the need for an attorney. Most importantly Gary has the integrity to represent BOTH the buyer and the seller. Gary does his best to put together the right buyer with the right practice. Gary puts the long-term interests of the buyer and seller ahead of his own immediate interests. Everyone wins.

James Tatum, OD (Seller, Repeat Client)
Rancho Cucamonga, California

I am happy to have worked with Practice Consultants on the recent purchase of my practice. Gary Ware is professional and was always available throughout the whole process. He is great at explaining what needs to be done, keeps both the buyer and seller on track and informed, and helps make the transaction as smooth as possible. Even on the financing part he has a good choice of banks who really make happen. The transition was smooth and the checklist given by Gary was really helpful. We highly recommend using Gary and Practice Consultants to buy your next practice.

Joanne Kim, OD, and Diego Kim (Buyer)
Rancho Cucamonga, California

Without your help, I would never have made it through the financial, business, nor emotional aspects of the sale of my practice. Dealing with prospective buyers would have been impossible and stressful without your direct involvement. I never had to prompt you to follow through on any aspect of the sale. You were on top of, if not ahead of the curve from a business point of view. You never hesitated to communicate with me about important sale related issues, and you were open to my ideas, but pointed out the flaws in my thinking when things I recommended, or things I saw from my prospective, were actually untenable or not business appropriate.

When things went awry, you found a way around the issues, when things were going well, you enhanced the situation, and when sale price was an issue, you found a way to maximize my income from the sale. You have been my practice sale mentor, friend, and psychologist. I never could have made it through the morass of practice sale related issues and complications, without you.

Do not hesitate to use my name as a reference for potential Practice Consultants clients, I am indebted to you.

Errol Rummel, OD (Seller)
Toms River, New Jersey

Practice Consultants has been instrumental in the sale of my practice. Along each step of the way, Gary was always available by phone and/or email to answer any my questions. I really appreciate his non-biased opinions and professional advice. Throughout the transaction process, I felt at ease knowing he was always on top of things to move the process along. I would definitely recommend Practice Consultants to anyone who is looking to purchase or sell a practice. Gary, thank you for your commitment to your clients and for all your hard work!

Lily Huynh, OD (Seller)
Fremont, California

Gary, thanks again for providing your wisdom and expertise during my recent stressful, but successful, transition into retirement. Your help was invaluable and comforting.

Glenn Johnston, OD (Consulting Client)
Chico, California

Another successful sale by Gary Ware in action!! Thank you for handling the sale of A Street Optometric Center. If I can ever be a positive reference for you, please call upon me.

Robert Pazen, OD (Seller, Repeat Client)
Oxnard, California

Thank you Gary for all your help and patience!

Sarah Haakonsen, OD (Buyer)
Oxnard, California

We could not have asked for a better broker to work with! This was our first business acquisition and Gary Ware with Practice Consultants made our journey as smooth as possible. We bought two optometry practices from the same seller so there were a lot of details and uncertainties to sort through. We had numerous questions and Gary was able to answer all of them and coach us through the purchase process. He gave us the confidence to buy the business through his detailed explanations at each step. Though we were initially skeptical about having Practice Consultants represent both buyer and seller, we could tell that Gary had the best interest of both parties and represented both well while offered a fair price for the two practices. We highly recommend Gary Ware and Practice Consultants for any Optometry/Ophthalmology practice transitions.

Quynh “Queenie" Tran, OD (Buyer)
Chino, California

Gary was helpful long before he transacted our sale. He was very generous with his time answering questions and providing advice on preparation for listing and sale, and this was well before we had signed a listing agreement. We felt Gary made a thorough and fair valuation of our practice, and we were very satisfied with the outcome. We would like to think our buyer would say the same. Gary was also very helpful in advising us on details of how to handle the transfer of the practice. Overall Gary helped make this a very smooth process.

Eric Halperin, OD and Beatrice Michel, OD (Seller)
Tillamook, Oregon

Practice Consultants recently facilitated and completed the sale of my former one-man ophthalmology practice in the San Francisco Bay Area at a satisfactory price. While I have never met Gary in person, he has always been readily available by phone or email to answer any questions or attend to all of the details of selling a practice. He has been there to guide and support me through all of the unfamiliar details of selling a practice. I recommend Gary without any hesitation or reservation.

Robert Elliston, MD (Seller)
Burlingame, California

Ken Chern, MD (Ophthalmology) (Buyer)
Burlingame, California

Working with you was great.
[Name withheld]
San Francisco Bay Area, California

We found Gary to be thorough, timely and supportive throughout the transaction. The deal itself had its ups and downs and at times seemingly cliffhanger moments, but through it all Gary was pleasant, positive and responsive to our every need. Gary clearly has a wealth of experience and made the transition very straightforward for us with all of his helpful checklists and advice.

If we ever do this again (which at our age we hope is never) Gary would be the first person we would call.
Sherrie Teddy, OD and Gregg Bachman, PhD (Seller)
Clearwater, Florida

We both appreciate your help in the practice purchase. Having a broker definitely made it easier for all parties involved and gave us some much needed structure. Feel free to have anyone reach out to us as a satisfied customer. We plan on purchasing more practices and look forward to working with you again.
Kevin Whaley, Practice Manager for
Samuel Teske, OD (Buyer)
Clearwater, Florida

As an optometrist, I was looking to buy out an existing practice. Gary represented the seller and provided information regarding the practice promptly and efficiently. Using his contacts to help secure a loan via Bank of America we were able to lock in amazing rates. He also provided general advice and counsel which was surprisingly non-biased. Since he has done this so many times it was easy to use his checklist to ensure that when we closed we could hit the ground running. Thanks Gary for a smooth transition!
Tim Trinh, OD (Buyer)
Camarillo, California

I am happy to have worked with Practice Consultants on my recent purchase of my practice. Gary Ware is professional and always available throughout the whole process. He is great at explaining what needs to be done, keeps both the buyer and seller on track and informed, and helps make the transaction as smooth as possible. I felt like he had the best interest in mind for both me and the seller, which I really appreciated. I recommend them to anyone who is buying, selling, or even to consult about their future plans. Gary knew I was looking for a practice, he knew what type of practice I was looking for, and he found an exact match that exceeded my expectations. If it were not for him reaching out to me, I would not be where I am today.
Gary Strickland, OD (Buyer)
Ventura, California

I am very glad I hired Gary to be my broker. During the course of selling my practice, I found Gary to be efficient, reasonable, and knowledgeable in all phases of the transaction. He has excellent negotiation skills and he respected my decisions. I highly recommend Gary to anyone who considers selling a practice.
John Liu, OD (Seller)
Castro Valley, California

We highly recommend Gary and Practice Consultants. As a buyer, we were cautious at first to be represented by a broker that was working for both parties, but after a couple conversations with Gary, we were well at ease. Gary was very helpful in explaining each step of the process and was there for us every time we had a question (even at late hours and on weekends). The transaction was very smooth thanks to Gary’s ability to navigate through the escrow process and his insightful recommendations in getting things done. Any time we plan to buy or sell another practice, we will be using Gary as our broker. Thanks for all your help!
Lily Huynh, OD, and Shan Fernando (Buyers)
Fremont, California

The sale of my practice required a lot of tough negotiations and Gary was there every step of the way. Even a few months after the sale, Gary went the extra mile helping my accountant with the proper BOE tax [sales tax] filing which can be very confusing, especially in California. I did not expect him to help with that, but he did so without hesitation and it saved me thousands of dollars. Thanks Gary!
Jay Neel, OD (Seller)
Santa Barbara, California

If you are buying or selling a practice, Gary Ware is without equal. He is extremely knowledgeable in all facets, making an equitable deal for both buyer and seller.
Bob Pazen, OD (Seller)
Ventura, California

If I purchase another location, I would not hesitate using your firm again.
Todd M Sheldon, OD, MBA, FAAO (Buyer)
President, Central Oregon Eyecare
Greenbrae, CA

This is the second practice this buyer has purchased through Practice Consultants.

I trusted Gary to sell my practice. He came through. From the start of the process he guided me with advice and recommendations. As potential buyers began to show interest, he set up visits, and prepared the financial information. After we had a buyer, he diligently followed-up on the logistics, making sure everything was in place properly for closing date. Gary guided the process from start to finish. Awesome!
Benjamin Moore, OD (Seller)
John Day, Oregon

We selected Practice Consultants to sell our great practice. There was immediate interest followed by a good offer that, unfortunately, fell through. But Gary kept plugging away and we soon received another offer that resulted in the sale. Amid lender complications and landlord complications, Gary kept everyone on track and moving ahead. We were torn between “Let’s get it sold now.” and “Let’s wait for a higher offer.” Gary kept us calm and informed as we forged ahead, ultimately closing escrow in a shorter time than Gary had prepared us for. We are happy to recommend Practice Consultants.
Jay Janks, OD, and Larry Babow, OD (Sellers)
Hayward, California

We looked at a couple of practices with Practice Consultants. This one is the right one for us, although the actual purchase was somewhat complicated. We had a seller who was a bit slow to respond with completed documents, and an uncooperative landlord. Practice Consultants was diligent in keeping everyone moving forward. Everything did fall into place and, looking back, we realize that all-in-all it was very smooth. It was a fair deal for both buyer and seller. We highly recommend Practice Consultants.
Julie Zahn, OD, and Jacob Zahn (Buyer)
Hayward, California

I watched several colleagues try to sell their practice themselves, get discouraged and eventually walk away or settle for something less than they would have obtained by going through a broker. Gary walked me through the process, weeded out the riff raff, and made everything fair and simple. Well worth the fee!!!
Tom Krauel, OD (Seller)
Alturas, California

Gary’s experience and assistance in getting the purchase of my practice finalized was invaluable. His guidance was great during some unforeseen set-backs and was even able to help me find an appropriate lender for the purchase.
Allen Mok, OD (Buyer)
Denver, Colorado

Thanks for your very professional service. A win-win for all involved.
Samuel Scardino, OD (Seller)
Orlando, Florida

Several years ago, a local optometrist contacted me asking if I would consider her joining my practice. I thought that she would be a good fit, so I asked a number of optometrists for advice in navigating the complicated process of partnership. Gary Ware was enthusiastically recommended by several ODs.

Now that the partnership process has been completed, I too share their enthusiasm. Gary’s experience as a practice management consultant and broker along with his personable manner helped me set up a one year employment agreement, then a partnership agreement. We covered all the “what ifs”, and he calmed my fears over taking on another OD. I highly recommend Gary.
Tod Davis, OD (Consulting Client)
Manassas, Virginia

After I purchased this practice through a different broker, I had to face the fact that I paid too much. Only a few years later, when it came time for me to be the seller, I talked with Gary at Practice Consultants and knew he was a reputable person. He said it would take several months, and it did. He said it would get sold, and it did. Gary helped us and the buyer through many complications regarding the landlord, financing, prior debt, lingering concerns by us and the buyer, and being uncertain about all the paperwork. I appreciate his assistance and highly recommend Practice Consultants.
[Name withheld] (Seller)
Rancho Cucamonga, California

We recently used Practice Consultants to aid in the purchase of our practice in Denver. The purchase of a practice is a very involved process with many moving parts. To add to the challenge we were in a different state for most of the process. Practice Consultants helped us every step of the way and made the purchase experience much easier than I thought it could be. I will not hesitate to work with Practice Consultants again for our future practice purchase needs and would recommend them to anyone in need of buying or selling a practice.
Kyle B. Hughes, OD (Buyer)
Denver, Colorado

Gary did an outstanding job selling my practice. This was a difficult and complicated transaction, and Gary handled it with care and intelligence. He was always there to answer questions and continue negotiations. I highly recommend Practice Consultants. Thanks for a great job!
Roger Moore, OD (Seller)
Newtown, Connecticut

Recently I completed the purchase of my fourth practice. The practice was brokered by Gary Ware of Practice Consultants. I have dealt with several practice brokers over the years, and found Gary to be one of the most well-informed, knowledgeable brokers I have dealt with. Additionally, he was efficient and timely in all correspondence and questions. I found his valuation to be fair, and he facilitated the negotiations professionally, to the benefit of all involved.

This transaction was smooth and stress free for me, and I know the seller felt similarly. Gary was very organized and provided a checklist for both parties and coached us through the entire process, including the legality of transferring ownership. I would not hesitate to do business with Gary again in the future.
Todd M Sheldon, OD, MBA, FAAO (Buyer)
President, Central Oregon Eyecare, PC

I was so nervous about the prospect of buying an optometry practice – but Practice Consultants put all my fears to rest. They made the buying process easy and smooth from start to finish. Practice Consultants answered all my questions and gave me individualized attention unique to my situation. I would highly recommend this company to any prospective buyer of an optometric practice!
Joanna Wen, OD (Buyer)
Manassas, Virginia

Our practice took a long time to generate a buyer, but Gary hung in there with us. After he found a buyer, everything progressed smoothly. Whenever there was a question or sticking point, Gary mediated it quickly and fairly. We are happy to recommend Practice Consultants to any seller or buyer.
Joesph Trezza, OD & James Tatum, OD (Seller)
La Verne, California

The transaction went smoothly with no surprises. Gary was easy to work with and handled all aspects professionally and quickly. I would recommend him and would work with him again.
Kristi Rhodes, OD (Seller)
Sisters, Oregon

The sale of our practice went very smoothly, and we would highly recommend Gary Ware as a broker for optometric practices. Although we did “find” the buyer internally, as that buyer was part of our group practice, there were still many questions and issues that arose during the sale and escrow phases of the transaction that Gary handled promptly, professionally, and correctly. He worked very hard to “keep the deal on the table” through some complicated and touchy negotiations.
Janet E. DeHart, OD, and Gregg A. German, OD (Seller)
Bakersfield, California

Gary Ware was always responsive and readily available to answer any questions I had. His experience and knowledge helped ease any worries I had over the transaction. I initially had concerns that I would be treated fairly, but I found that the contract and all of my dealings with him were fair and professional. I highly recommend Gary Ware of Practice Consultants to anyone wanting to buy a practice. Thank you!
Kathleen Ngo, OD (Buyer)
Yuba City, California

It was my privilege to have you assist me in selling not only my practice but my building as well. Even though it was an arduous process I always felt comfortable that I was in good, capable hands. It was reassuring that all the obstacles were properly addressed and were clearly remedied by your knowledge and expertise. I am more then pleased that you facilitated in making this happen in a timely manner even though the complexities were indeed challenging. With your able assistance I am now able to pursue my writing career in earnest. I sincerely thank you for all your time, effort and professional diligence and would be honored to give you my highest recommendation.
William B. Stanford, OD (Seller)
Tustin, California

It is now exactly one year from having closed escrow. I’ve been asked if I’d do it all over again. Absolutely! Owning your own practice is the only way to practice medicine the way you want. It is the only way to manage a business the way you want. And it is certainly the most rewarding road to financial independence.

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about buying a practice from Gary Ware. I would absolutely advise it. After a year of owning my practice, there were no surprises. Gary said it was going to be hard work… it was (and is). Gary said the seller wouldn’t open a new shop across town from me… he didn’t. Gary said I would want to purchase my own stationery within weeks of ownership… I did. Gary said the few thousands of dollars I spent purchasing old inventory was no big deal… it wasn’t. Gary said I’d have enough cash flow to pay the bills… I did. But most of all, Gary said I wouldn’t regret it… I do not.

Frankly, for three months leading up to escrow, I drove Gary insane. I was really caught up in the little details. I also felt like the seller and Gary were out to screw me. I would lose nights of sleep over this. I wanted to hire my own attorney. I wanted to hire my own broker. I wanted to make sure my voice was getting heard and that Gary was fighting for me, not the seller.

But guess what? In the end… I got what I wanted. The seller got what he wanted. Gary got what he wanted: Two happy clients.

They say hindsight is 20/20. So, these are the things that I know:

  1. Go buy that practice of your dreams for the max you can afford!! It is worth it! What are you waiting for?!
  2. Gary Ware is a good guy who kept his word 100% of the time.
  3. Don’t waste your money on an attorney or another broker.
  4. A few thousand dollars is not a deal breaker. Once you are the owner, you’ll have the opportunity to make thousands of dollars a day.

Lastly… Thank you Gary for letting me see the light. I love my practice!
Tanya N. Gill, OD (Buyer)
Oakland, California

When I decided it was time to sell my practice, I hired a well-known broker from Southern California. It was a disaster. He priced the practice too high and there was NO response for over 6 months. And I don’t mean no offers – nobody even looked at it. Worse, in the entire process, the broker NEVER initiated a call to me and only his assistant replied to my calls.

My practice was very small. It didn’t make Gary rich. But you would never have known that from the way he and Bernie worked with me. I was open to their new price recommendation, and immediately got interested buyers coming to look at my office. And I got a buyer. The sale went smoothly. I got a fair price and my buyer is also pleased with the result.

I would recommend Gary Ware and his associates to sell any practice.
John Urey, OD (Seller)
San Diego, California

In every aspect of selling my practice, Gary’s expertise made it all go smoothly. Not only did Practice Consultants attract many competent screened buyers, but Gary’s skills transformed what would have been a very lengthy, complex and frustrating process into a simple, successful one. Look no further.
Larry Harrison, OD (Seller)
Berkeley, California

Thank you very much for our conversations… You were absolutely right when you said, “There’s more to it than you realize.”! Those words mean so much more now that I’ve been through the process. If I had to do it again, without a doubt, I would highly recommend you to handle the whole deal.
RJ, OD (Seller who already had a buyer lined up, but did not use our firm; he wrote to us afterwards)

Thanks for all your help. You were key to the smooth transition.
Robert Joyce, OD (Consulting Client)
Valley Center, California

I’m free! Thanks for your help.
Marty Turkis, OD (Seller)
Eureka, California

You want to talk about volume? This is the third office that I’ve bought from Practice Consultants. Mr. Gary Ware and Dr. Bernard Press have been very helpful in making everything easy and smooth for me. Can’t say enough about these guys. I highly recommend them for all practitioners.
Tony Pham, OD (Buyer)
San Diego, California

I asked Gary to represent me regarding a practice for sale through another firm. Gary analyzed the target practice, handled all of the negotiations and paperwork, and guided us through the escrow process. Even after paying Practice Consultants on my own (the seller’s broker would not share their fee), Gary saved me thousands of dollars compared to what I expected to pay before calling him. I was very pleased with both the business results and the personalized care that Gary provided, and I highly recommend Practice Consultants to any buyer or seller.
Kenneth Christopher, OD (Buyer)
Sun City, California

I was in need of a specialized appraisal as part of a legal issue. Gary researched the facts, analyzed the value, developed the appropriate documentation, and then testified as an expert witness at the trial. His testimony was accepted in full by the court and, as a result, I came away with a very satisfactory outcome. I would be happy to chat with you if you are considering using the services of Practice Consultants.
Henry Rodgin, OD
Sunnyvale, California

I have known the buyer of my practice for many years. One of our important considerations was to complete a transaction that wouldn’t jeopardize our friendship. Having Practice Consultants as a neutral third party was very beneficial to this process. Gary negotiated the deal and then kept us on track right to the end. The entire process was as much fun as a business deal can be, and it still met all of the operational, legal and financial requirements that a prudent transaction must have.
Robert Shepard, OD (Seller)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I was very pleased with the service Gary provided facilitating the sale of my practice. He was readily available any time of the day or evening, including weekends, and was always very prompt in responding to any questions, concerns or problems. He even handled an issue that came up after the deal was closed.
Diane Santesson, OD (Seller)
Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

Gary did a great job and was fair to both parties.
Jason Lake, OD (Consulting Client)
Warrensburg, Missouri

Gary made the seemingly overwhelming process of selling my practice virtually effortless. He is highly competent and his support was sincere. Bottom line: We got the desired results in a most timely fashion.
Laurie Chaikin, OD (Seller)
Castro Valley, California

What can I say but THANK YOU, GARY!!! Not only is he knowledgeable, he is kind, patient and helpful. He made the process of buying a practice smooth like a true professional, and in times when I needed advice he was just a phone call away. For a practice consultant, I highly recommend Gary Ware. He really is wonderful.
Nicole Sim, OD (Buyer)
Berkeley, California

Gary, you have been extremely helpful and professional throughout this entire process. I would highly recommend you to anyone who seeks to purchase a practice. Your guidance has been invaluable. Thank you so much for everything.
Winnie Lei, OD (Buyer)
Cameron Park, California

If you want to sell your practice, look no farther than Gary Ware and Practice Consultants. Gary’s approach is honest, fair, timely, and very productive. You will not be disappointed.
Douglas T. Munroe, OD (Seller)
Corona, California

I found Gary Ware to be very professional and personable all at the same time. He is knowledgeable, yet open to differing views and willing to help work out compromises in order to achieve win/win outcomes.
Gary Osias, OD, FAAO (2nd Time Buyer)
Castro Valley, California

Practice Consultants provided the guidance we needed to arrive at a fair and equitable contract for both parties. Gary’s advice is timely, accurate, and makes the process easy.
Jon Jacobs, OD (Buyer)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Gary helped me through a lot of issues that pop up during negotiation. He was as unbiased as he could possibly be. I felt that he was honest and forthright, qualities that are hard to find in business today. I wholeheartedly recommend his services to purchase a practice.
Michele Hayes, OD (Buyer)
Santa Rosa, California

When I was approached by another optometrist asking if I would consider selling my practice, the first person I called was Gary Ware. I trust his business expertise and know of his respected reputation in our optometric community. The decision to sell the practice was probably the biggest decision I ever made. Gary understood that selling the practice was a business transaction and a whole lot more. The outcome of the sale would impact the rest of my life. He knew how attached I was to the practice and yet how tired I was of the day-to-day management. We created many scenarios and it soon became clear that selling the practice could be an opening for new possibilities in my life and a wonderful opportunity for the new doctor. Gary was always available to me and the buyer to answer all the questions one could possibly think of. He kept me updated, kept me on task and kept me calm. I would recommend Gary to anyone who is considering selling their practice. I value his opinion and appreciate his generosity and willingness to be a resource. He also is just a great guy.
Dorothy Okamoto, OD (Seller)
Oakland, California

I can’t thank you enough for doing such a terrific job in handling the recent sale of my practice. Dr. Bernard Press found the perfect buyer, and the entire process went as smoothly as I could ever have hoped. Everyone involved was attentive, prompt, efficient, and caring. I would highly recommend Practice Consultants to anyone considering buying or selling an optometric practice.
Gary R. Saks, OD (Seller)
San Diego, California

I would like to highly recommend Gary for use in Optometric purchases or partnership issue resolution. I have used Practice Consultants for both and have been very pleased with the results. Oftentimes, Optometrists try to represent themselves in these arrangements and it is as foolhardy as representing yourself in court without a lawyer. We are too emotionally involved in our own practices to effectively negotiate complex agreements; often the intended result is not achieved and it sours the relationship with the buyer or partner. Do yourself a favor and hire a professional, and Gary is one of the best!
Dennis Kennedy, OD (Seller)
Santa Rosa, California

Gary, I want to thank you for your very professional yet personal treatment during the recent sale of my Petaluma practice. Although you are involved in many transactions, you really made me feel that mine was foremost in your mind whenever we communicated. Your upbeat, positive attitude was a real asset. I was very pleased with how smoothly the transaction proceeded, and I am impressed with how quickly it sold. Please feel free to use me as a reference.
Peter Weber, III, OD (Seller)
Rohnert Park, California

“I couldn’t have done it without you.” This phrase may be used often, but I really mean it! I appreciate that you handled all of the procedural issues and the details that went with them, from negotiating the deal through preparing us for closing. I also know how critical you were to the buyer obtaining appropriate financing. Not only am I happy to recommend you, I already have suggested to two friends that they sell their practices through you.
Daniel A. Cohen, OD (Seller)
Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

Gary, I am writing to you to thank you for your intelligent, informed, patient, and productive efforts in the sale of our practice in California. When a private practitioner decides to sell a practice after 27 years, he confronts issues that never occurred to him before. Valuation of the practice and equipment, marketing approaches that are likely to work, legal aspects with which he has no experience – the list goes on. From our first contact, it was apparent that you were very conversant with these problems, and that you knew how to solve them. Your explanations were always patient and careful, your advice was always well considered, and your actions were always productive. Our experience with your brokering of our practice was completely satisfactory; in fact, it was just great. Please feel free to use us a reference at any time, and thanks again for a great job!
Phil Hanson, OD (Seller)
Aledo, Texas

Gary, I don’t know how to begin to thank you for helping me through the process of buying a practice. You really made things so easy and straightforward. I appreciate your tremendous insight and experience especially in helping me deal with my unique situation. I highly recommend anyone considering selling or buying a practice to go through you.
Mei Fleming, OD (Buyer)
Alamo, California

As a buyer, I was a bit hesitant about Practice Consultants representing both the seller and me. I needn’t have been at all. Gary was very responsive to my questions and concerns, both via email and telephone. His guidance was crucial in finding my way through the loan process. I highly recommend Practice Consultants for anyone buying or selling a practice.
Quyen La, OD (Buyer)
Huntington Beach, California

Gary, thank you for brokering, and tactfully negotiating, what I considered to be a difficult, if not impossible, deal in the sale of my primary practice and building to my partner, and my purchase of the partnership’s satellite practice. What appeared on the surface to be a very logical deal for both parties was fraught with stumbling blocks, which you skillfully overcame – something I could never have brought about. I am genuinely grateful for your masterful and successful handling of this situation.
Theodore G. Crook, OD, FAAO (Seller)
Camden, South Carolina

We are happy to recommend Practice Consultants. In fact, this is the second practice we have purchased through them. After substantially growing our first practice, we decided to relocate. For this second transaction, both Dr. Bernie Press and Gary Ware were involved. They handled the sometimes delicate and sometimes tense negotiations, and led both the seller and us to a very satisfactory result.
Kelvin H. Nguyen, OD and Jacquelin Le, OD (Buyers)
San Diego, California

Gary is a real pro, having an MBA and also having worked with an optometric buying group. He came up with a fair price for the practice, and advertised it in the various journals and on the internet. Gary seems to have a lot of good sources available to find out who is out there with an interest in buying an optometric practice. He sent me seven different prospects, who came by the office and asked a lot of questions over the first three months. Finally the right optometrist committed, and we had a done deal. Gary works extremely hard behind the scenes, and he leaves no stone unturned in his pursuit of making a good and fair match between seller and buyer. He arranged the business end of things between our CPA and the escrow agency. His fee is very fair for the amount of work that he puts into his projects. I am extremely happy with Gary and Practice Consultants, and I recommend him to any optometrist with a practice for sale.
Peter L. Blake, OD (Seller)
Vacaville, California

We were pleased with the friendly assistance offered by Practice Consultants, and very impressed by Gary’s willingness to return our calls and emails within 24 hours. This showed us how he valued our business. Gary was also great at introducing us to people willing to help us financially. Gary was the right person for us; we knew what we wanted, and we needed to be guided by a person who was knowledgeable and honest in acquiring a practice. We highly recommend Practice Consultants if you ever need help with purchasing a practice.
Hang T. Nhan, OD (Buyer)
Vacaville, California

A business like mine presented a unique set of challenges, but Gary did not let the perceived negatives obscure the fact that we had a fantastic opportunity for the next guy. Ours was a high volume practice in a great location, but it was also a franchise (you have to pay royalties) with a very tough mall lease (open seven days a week). These two facts present challenges, but Gary correctly pointed out that they were also the reason for our high volume and growing market share. Even though our numbers were high, he identified areas where we were weak that presented huge upside potential for the new owners. The skillful presentation of these facts combined with his artful mediation was critical to the sale. We are pleased to recommend Practice Consultants as a vital component to any practice owner’s exit strategy.
Robert Jack, Optician (Seller)
Naples, Florida

Thank you Gary! You made a potentially difficult situation surprisingly stress free. I can’t imagine doing this without your knowledgeable assistance.
David E. Clarke, OD (Buyer)
Chico, California

The sale of my practice had some financial complexities. Additionally, both parties wanted the buyer to take over the practice immediately. Gary handled it all, so the aggravation was invisible to me. He even made the arrangements for the immediate transfer of operating authority. Given the circumstances, escrow closed smoothly and without fanfare. I am happy to highly recommend Gary to buyers and sellers.
A. Dodd Carr, OD (Seller)
Chico, California

Making a transition from one business owner to another is a stressful endeavor. Gary Ware takes the stress to a manageable, controllable level. Thank you Gary.
Karen Stene (Seller)
Boca Raton, Florida

Gary made the process of selling my practice much smoother than I expected. He was always available to answer my questions from start to finish. I highly recommend Gary to anyone who is selling his/her practice.
David N. Stein, OD (Seller)
Huntington Beach, California

This transaction would not have been cost effective for me without Gary. He cut almost all of the usual red tape hassles and made the buy/sell uneventful!
Dorothy Park, OD (Buyer)
Columbia, South Carolina

Dr. Bernard Press of Practice Consultants found the right buyer for my practice. He patiently persevered until the buyer and seller were both satisfied.
Leonard R. Wilensky, OD (Seller)
Augusta, Georgia

There are so many legal and emotional things that go on in the sale of an office, the fee was well worth it.
Clinton Pon, OD (Seller)
Elk Grove, California

I invited Gary to present an exit strategy seminar, at our surgery practice, for our network optometrists. Gary was very thorough in his preparation for the lecture and his follow through with items required prior to his arrival. He engaged the attendees with pertinent information and stimulated discussion along with questions. It’s gratifying when you plan a seminar to educate your attendees and they actually walk away from it with useful information. I’m very pleased with our decision to bring Gary in.
Vincent P. Vincent
Director of Marketing, Eye Center South
Dothan, Alabama

Gary, I really appreciate your help. I can’t imagine how it would have been to sell my practice without your knowledge and humor. Thank you for being there whenever I called and for gently cajoling me into appropriate action.
Lisa Harvey, OD (Seller)
Fort Bragg, California

I give Gary Ware my highest recommendation as a practice broker. His integrity, professionalism, and dedication are unsurpassed.
John C. Kotulak, OD (Seller)
Clearlake, California

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Gary Ware for services involving issues of evaluation, partnership appraisals, and conflict resolution. He helped resolve these issues in a recent conflict within my practice. I was most impressed with some of his advice on the phone earlier in the year and the time he was willing to spend with me. In the back of my mind, I thought we would be needing his services and offered them to my associate to resolve issues between us. We were both impressed when we met him personally at a local restaurant. His past work experiences seemed to meld into the job we had asked him to do for us. He counseled both of us, worked up an exit strategy, and crafted the final agreement which we both signed. In my humble opinion, Optometry needs someone of Gary’s talents to work through the difficult situations that present to us in private practice in varying stages of our careers.
Dennis Kennedy, OD
Santa Rosa, California

Gary was my business consultant in the sale of my optometric practice. He spent many hours determining the needs of both seller and buyer, and negotiating the terms to the satisfaction of both parties. He walked me through the process as we went along and tactfully looked out for the interests of both parties when there might have been doubts, questions and apprehensions from both the seller and buyer. Although he was hired by me, the result was equitable creative financing which helped in the finalization of the sale. When I had a concern, request or clarification, whether with the process, timing of the close, contract details, or follow through, he always responded quickly. He was diligent and persistent with the necessary paperwork which both parties had to provide for the final transfer of title; he had reliable contacts with an experienced attorney knowledgeable in writing up a contract specific to optometry, and with a title company who handled the close and transfer of ownership smoothly. Gary was knowledgeable, detailed, and very skillful in understanding the nuances to make the sale of my practice successful. His closure skills were necessary in order to make it happen. I appreciate all his efforts and diligence. Thank you Gary.
Susan G. Louie, OD (Seller)
Pleasant Hill, California

Gary was both very helpful and extremely efficient in assisting me with the dissolution of a partnership I had with an ophthalmologist. He worked hard and, after numerous phone calls and meetings, he obtained a mutually agreed upon “buyout” that allowed us both to part amicably. I appreciate his diligence and look forward to working with him in any future business endeavors.
Joseph S. Wald, OD (Seller)
Mount Vernon, Washington

Gary did a great job. My advice to anyone considering retirement is to plan five years in advance. After 47 years in practice, there is a lot to do. Thanks, Gary, for your patience.
Robert France, OD (Seller)
Solvang, California

Mr. Ware was able to answer my concerns in our first hour consult. I really appreciated his professionalism and experience.
William R. Kossol, OD
Fredericksburg, Virginia

Gary was pleasant to work with, practical and fair to both sides in negotiating and setting up our partnership agreement.
Teresa Goldberg, OD
Albany, California

Many thanks Gary, you were critical in guiding myself and my employer to a mutually acceptable split. During a very difficult time, your insights and objectiveness allowed us to bring our work relationship to a close while still allowing us to maintain our friendship. We were so fortunate to have your assistance.
Janet M. Caddell, OD
Santa Rosa, California

I was very pleased with your services. You were always prompt to return calls/emails and your suggestions for resolving differences were always reasonable and fair.
Gary Osias, OD, FAAO (Buyer)
Castro Valley, California

Craig Asmussen, OD (Seller)
Boulder, Colorado

David Sevensma, OD
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Leena Adhikari, OD (Buyer)
Rancho Cucamonga, California

Leslie Bender, OD (Seller)
Huntington Beach, CA

Heidi and Steve Wise, ODs (Sellers)
Lincoln, Nebraska

Kristina Woodward, OD (Consulting Client)
San Carlos, California

Dorothy Hinkley, OD (Buyer)
Sacramento, CA

Darren Brown, OD (Consulting Client)
Irvine, California

Alicia Van, OD (Buyer)
Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

Abba Eyecare c/o Marcus Meyer (Buyer)
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Nicole Esqueda, OD (Buyer)
Hanford, California

Mark Huang, OD (Buyer)
Hesperia, California

Raymundo Mendoza, OD (Buyer)
National City, California

Richard K. Simonds, OD (Seller)
National City, California

David Schymeinsky, OD (Buyer)
Milpitas, California

Bruce Stamper, OD
San Francisco, California

Karin Schoeler, OD (Buyer)
Palm Coast, Florida

Ruston Hess, OD (Seller)
Daytona Beach and Palm Coast, Florida

Gregory Kraskowsky, OD (Buyer)
Alamo, California

Jim Pietrantonio, OD
Los Gatos, California

Sharon Segal, Practice Manager
Mill Valley, California

Beth Browdy, OD
Mountain View, California

Valerie Rasner, OD
Riverside, California

Carole Hong, OD
Kristina Stasko, OD
San Carlos, California

Sam Pesner, OD
Stephen Anderson, OD
Los Altos Optometric Group
Los Altos, California

Lawrence Henry, OD
Pacific Palisades, California